5 Factors That Cause Slow Charging on Android Phone

Missing those days when your battery was charging faster than the speed of light? But, now your battery only charges 30% in the whole night. This issue has become a common thing across Android users. Today we will try to solve this issue. But first, we need to know ‘what is causing your smartphone to charge that slow?’

So let’s discuss ten reasons why your Smartphone is charging very slow:

1st Factor: The Charging Cable Is Faulty

A faulty USB cable is the most common issue and causes a slow charging device. USB cables are very sensitive and can be easily defected or damaged. If a cable stretched by someone or can be easily defected due to any tension. The flow of current is affected by strain or stretching of a USB cable. The USB cable may still show you a charging sign whenever plugged in your phone, but it is possibly not providing the sufficient flow of current that your phone requires. So, before checking any other factor first replace your USB or charging cable.

2nd Factor: The Problem Is Your Power Socket

Yes, this is also one of the general issues that most of the smartphone user face. A power socket or outlet can also be a reason for slow charging of a device. Whenever my friend charges his phone in my house, the phone charges very slow because one of the power sockets in my home has some issue, it doesn’t mean that the power is not coming enough because other devices work just perfect. But whenever I charge my phone in the same power socket, it charges very slow. If the USB cable replacement doesn’t affect the speed, then try to charge in your kitchen or bathrooms power socket because it has been noted that a faulty wiring socket can also change the speed of charging. Also never expect to charge in an average speed while in a car or charging form a PC’s USB ports because they don’t have sufficient Amperes of current.

3rd Factor: Background Apps Are Eating Your Battery Silently

Too many apps running in background Android phone then also consider this factor because, when many apps run in the background, they always needed some power to run. And if the number of background apps is more than average, then it can probably be a reason for slow charging. Background running apps are known for draining the battery, and if your battery is continuously draining do, you think that it will charge usually.

But how can you close the background apps to save power and charge at natural speed? Well, install a “background app hibernating”(Greenify works best for me) app from Google Play Store. This app will help you to hibernate all background apps that are stealing battery.

4th Factor: It’s Time to Replace Your Adapter

A faulty adapter can be the issue if the above solutions are not working for you. Try to use another charging adapter that has the same specifications that yours has. For example, if your phone adapter is “5.0 volts- 2 ampere” then use the charger that has the same output of current. I think this will definitely solve the charging issue but if somehow it does not work then read the next solution.

5th Factor: The Enemy Was Your Phone USB Port

Charging ports is the last and final factor which can affect the charging speed. You may have accidentally defected your port. The USB ports are very sensitive and can be easily damaged if misused. The best way to solve this issue is to take your phone to an authorized service center.

They will replace it and will also tell you if there is some another issue. You can also clean your USB port by soft cotton wrapped on a toothpick’s fine nib. Be careful while doing this. After cleaning the USB port, put your phone on charging for at least 1-hour, check if the speed is enhanced. Go to the service center if the problem still not solved and tell them to check the USB port. The mechanic will check the USB port of your phone and may also replace it if required.

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