How To Troubleshoot Issues Caused By Windows Updates?

Windows Update is present for keeping Windows fully updated.  For instance, security updates.

If you have observed that after having a Windows updates your system started working slowly all of a sudden, then don’t worry. In total, there are two methods to solve this problem. You’ll get to know about it by going through this blog carefully.

Remember! The Microsoft’s OS can face issues after the system has installed Windows updates whether it is Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP.

Your PC is working slowly after Windows update, here’s the correct way to fix it

How to determine that the problem is caused by Windows Updates or by something else?

  1. Firstly, the Windows update that is getting installed stops all of a sudden in the middle.
  2. Then, your screen may display this ‘Preparing to configure Windows,’ Configuring Windows updates,’ or this type of sentence before you.

How to determine that the PC is facing some other problem as well?

It can be that the problem faced by your system is because of the Windows update, but at the same time, you should also not neglect other reasons.

For instance, on one single day, you updated not just your Windows but also installed new hardware or software.

It is worth noting that if none of those mentioned above reasons is the same as yours then, you should fix your issue related to Windows Update. This can be done only in two ways. The first one is of Windows starts successfully method. And the second one is related to Windows that failed to start.

Windows Starts Successfully

The given below steps should be only followed if you are facing the problem after you are done with installing one or more than one Windows update and even can use it.

Have a restart of your system

Mostly, the issues faced immediately after the Windows update can be rectified by a normal reboot. Usually, the device of newer versions of Windows doesn’t face this type of problems.

Updating the drivers

Many of the times, the hardware stops working. In such situations, the drivers should be updated.

Windows that fails to start

Read the given below instructions carefully if you are not able to open Windows after one or more Windows updates got installed.

Have a restart of your system

The issues that you started facing after the updates can be easily solved if you by switching off your system for some time. And then, switch it on.

Prefer Windows in Safe Mode

Using Windows in Safe Mode can surely solve your issues.

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