How to use Google Chrome ‘Tab Hover Cards’ on Windows 10?

Google is recent, including tab preview to its Google Chrome web browser. However, this amazing new feature like in Microsoft Edge for Windows 10, easily be able to take the place of the tooltip. The tooltip lets users get a small preview of the other tabs whenever users are hovering the mouse pointer. Well, Google Chrome called it by the name ‘Tap Hover Cards’ feature, which is likely to launch in the future versions of the web browser. But Google releases its trial version so that one can try it by simply updating their experimental settings by the latest Canary builds. Below in this article, we will provide you complete steps for turning on the Tab Hover Cards features in the Google Chrome browser. For doing this, you need to follow some common steps which are mentioned below.

Steps to Turn On Google Chrome Tab Hover Cards Feature on Windows 10

In order to turn on the ‘Tab Hover Cards’ feature on Windows 10 devices, you have to follow a few simple and easy steps by which you can be able to enable it. But sometimes these steps are more complicated and time is taken, so follow them in the way it mentioned on the screen will save lots of time and efforts. Here how to turn it on:

  1. Firstly, you have to ‘Download and Install’ the ‘Canary’ version of Google Chrome.
  2. Now, click on the ‘Google Chrome’ icon to launch it.
  3. Then, enter the following command in the address bar of the browser and hit ‘Enter’ key: “chrome://flags/#tab-hover-cards.”
  4. From the drop-down menu, a list appears on the right side of the screen and choose either ‘Enabled’ to turn it on or ‘Disable’ to turn it off.
  5. Again, enter the following command in the browser address bar and tap on ‘Enter’ key: “chrome://flags/#tab-hover-card-images.”
  6. Drop-down the menu list appears on the screen and tap on the ‘Enable’ tab to turn on the feature.
  7. Finally, tap on the ‘Relaunch Now’ tab to again open the app.

After completing the steps, you have to launch various websites in other tabs, and starting different tabs should show a card, and an image should also giving you a preview of that specific website.

However, this Windows 10 ‘Tab Hover Card’ feature is also available for different operating system such as MacOS, Linux, and Chrome OS. These aforementioned steps will surely help you in how to use these feature properly.

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